About JHutchison Photography - JHutchison Photography

My name is Jean Hutchison and I am a self-taught photographer from Northeast Kansas. I have found my passion in photographing the beautiful landscapes and scenes from nature around us each and every day. I also love shooting cityscapes and architecture.

So often we get caught up in the demands of our busy lives and fail to take time to see the beauty around us. I hope my photos can bring a smile or fond memory to those who view them and help them escape the stress around them, if only for a moment.

I have embraced HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography in the past few years, mainly because the process helps bring out both beautiful colors and exquisite details that our eyes see but a camera isn't necessarily able to capture well with one shot. I use three to five shots taken simultaneously and usually attempt to keep the subject true to the way it looks naturally.

The majority of my photos are taken in Kansas and Missouri.  My husband and I have developed a love of traveling each year to a different area of our beautiful country and therefore have photos from many other locations as well. Thus far we have been to Colorado, Tennessee, Wyoming, New England, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This year we chose to visit Nova Scotia. The weather there turned stormy midway through our trip so we ventured back to the U.S. and explored the coast of Maine.

I truly hope you enjoy viewing my photos. If you have any questions about a particular photo, please drop me an email and I will answer at my earliest convenience. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

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